As inventors of two award-winning baby sleep aids – Rockit and Zed – we really appreciate innovative product designs that solve real problems for babies and their parents. So, we decided to put together a list of baby products that we’d love to have invented.

  1.   Stokke’s Tripp Trapp chair

We both had this adjustable highchair for our children. Mine was passed on to us by friends and then we passed it on again. Amazing that it was designed in the 1970s yet is still as stylish and practical today as it was back then. A real design classic! (Matt)

  1.   Micralite’s Sleep&Go travel cot

The travel cot we used to have was heavy and awkward to put together, especially when we were knackered. I wish we’d had this one, it’s lightweight and unfolds and packs up again in seconds. It can also be used as a co-sleeping crib and a playpen, plus it looks great. (Nick)

  1.   Shnuggle’s baby bath

Bath times were often a hectic process in our house with 3 children under 5. A bath that allowed a baby to sit up safely would have made life so much easier and kept the floor so much drier. (Matt)

  1.   gb’s Pockit Stroller

Umbrella strollers were great back in the day, but this was a real step forward in design when it comes to lightweight, portable strollers. It folds up so small and we always take it to meetings when we’re demonstrating our Rockit stroller rocker. (Matt)

  1.   Zazu’s Cody the crab light projector

This cute crab has the best light projector I’ve seen. It covers the entire ceiling with moving waves and fish, creating a fully immersive under the sea experience. It’s just as soothing for adults as it is for babies – I might know this from experience. (Nick)

  1.   Matchstick Monkey’s teethers

We love the simplicity of these flexible teethers and the characterful designs that also make them easy to hold. The branding is so important when designing successful products and the matchstick monkey team have got it spot on! (Matt)

  1.     Doona’s car seat with wheels

I love well designed dual-purpose products, which is why I like this car seat that turns into a stroller in seconds. It’s so useful for travel, and any product that helps keep a baby sleeping  when you get them out of the car gets my vote. (Nick)

  1.    My Carry Potty

Ah the fond memories of potty training… the fun of having seconds to find a nearby toilet when out and about – if only we had a My Carry Potty. It’s lightweight with a carry handle and the watertight seal ensures it’s leak-proof (and odour free) once used. Plus, their colourful designs encourage toddlers to use them, wherever they may be. (Nick)

  1.    Lascal’s BuggyBoard

I loved going for long walks when the children were young, but persuading a toddler to keep up with the pram was always a struggle. The buggy board meant they could hop on and off whenever they liked. It was a great purchase and a disaster when I lost it after leaving it on a train at Waterloo. (Matt)

  1. Phil and Teds lobster highchair  

We had the original version of this compact, portable highchair. It was brilliant – we took it on holiday, to friends and grandparents houses, and to restaurants. The design has been improved and it now has a removable tray, which is great for keeping other people’s dining tables clean. (Nick)

So, there you have it, some great baby products we think you should check out. If there are any others you believe deserve to be on the list, let us know on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter

Meanwhile, we’ll continue working hard at Rockit HQ to come up with more innovative baby products for exhausted parents all over the planet. We have a new addition arriving in summer 2021, so watch this space…