1. A rocket-shaped baby rocking device called Rockit with red logo


    How does the Rockit fit to a pram or pushchair?

    Using the universal bracket which is supplied with every Rockit. This can stay permanently fitted to the pushchair or pram but can also be removed and re-positioned if required. The Rockit then slots in and out of the bracket very quickly and easily. We also sell spare brackets if you would like to fit one to a different pushchair, stroller or buggy. There is a video to show how easy it is to fit – click in the link at the bottom of the page.

    My Rockit does not always start

    If your Rockit does not start, or takes multiple button presses to start:

    Make sure that it is not mounted flat on its side – it should be pointing up as close to vertical as possible with the button on top. Most commonly it will be mounted on the side of a stroller at around 45 degree angle and should work well like this.

    Check you are using decent batteries. There are some shockers about at the moment – we recommend GP Ultra Alkaline batteries. The worst type for the Rockit are Zinc Carbon batteries which do not have enough power (often sold under Kodak or discount supermarket own brands) – avoid these like the plague.


    Does the Rockit work with all different makes of pram and pushchair?

    We think so. We designed a universal bracket (included in every box) to fit tubes of all different shapes or sizes, whether they are square, oval or round. Our lead designer spent many a long hour in baby stores testing on 40+ different pushchairs in order to perfect the bracket. We can’t give a 100% guarantee on this because there are always new products hitting the market but we do believe that there should be somewhere on any pushchair that the Rockit will fit.

    What about double strollers / buggies?

    Yes, we have had some great feedback from parents with twins. If you mount the Rockit vertically (on the top of the side bar) and as high up as possible it has enough leverage to rock even a double stroller. Parents of twins have said it is great for keeping one twin happy while the other one is changed etc.

    What age child can I use the Rockit with?

    The Rockit is suitable for use with children from birth up until around 3 years old. Our own children still slept in the pushchair up to age 3, so we think it will be useful for several years if bought at birth.

    Is the rocking motion safe?

    Yes. We have based the rocking motion on the way parents rock their children by hand. Scientific tests show the vibration level closely mimics the normal hand rocking of a pushchair and the subtle yet soothing movement is gentler than a pushchair moving over paving stones.

    Can I use the Rockit on a cot or crib?

    The Rockit was designed and tested for pushchairs and prams. A helping hand when you are out and about. Rockit was extensively safety tested by Intertek, a global product testing company and they felt that it might be mounted by a tired parent on a bar inside the cot, where the baby could snag clothing. Because we want to adhere to the highest safety standard for all our products we’re not able to recommend use on cots, cribs or Moses baskets.

    Why is there a 30/60 minute timer on the Rockit?

    NB. Some newer models have a 60 minute timer – please check your packaging/user guide for the version you have.

    The Rockit has a timer as is not designed to keep a child asleep for an extended period. It is meant to be a helping hand to soothe a baby and help them drift off to sleep or maintain their sleep when the pushchair or pram stops.

    Can the Rockit be used in the rain?

    The Rockit is showerproof (tested to IPX1 standard). Avoid exposure to prolonged or heavy rain.

    How can I get the best battery life from the Rockit?

    1) Use good quality Alkaline batteries. Some cheap batteries are only suitable for low-drain items such as remote controls or clocks. Good quality Alkaline batteries should last much longer.

    Definitely avoid Zinc-Carbon batteries (often sold under brands like Kodak in pound stores), these are not suitable for the Rockit and struggle to start the motor.

    2) You can use re-chargeable batteries. NiMH rechargeable batteries can last even longer than Alkaline and only cost pennies per charge.

    3) Mount the Rockit as close to vertical as possible (pointing up with the button on top). Battery life will be reduced if used flat.

    4) Try slower speeds, using the dial on the bottom. Sometimes the best rock can be achieved at a slower speed, it does not always need to be fast!


    My Rockit is making a knocking noise, is this normal?

    It is normal for there to be some knocking at certain speeds and angles of use. There is a spinning weight inside and the knocking is caused by it moving up and down slightly on its spindle. It does not indicate a problem with the device. You may also hear some noises from your stroller as it moves.

    Can I buy additional brackets to fit the Rockit to other pushchairs or Prams?

    Yes, these can be ordered from us – just click here

  2. A baby soothing device in the shape of an astronaut with pink face area and two blue buttons


    What age range is Zed suitable for?

    Zed is suitable from birth upwards. It has been safety tested to 0-36 month toy safety standards. It is also calming for older children and adults too.

    Does Zed work on any type of mattress?

    Yes, it sends calming vibrations through all types of mattresses including, sprung, memory foam and natural fibre types.

    What is the best position for Zed?

    Zed should be positioned at the foot end of the mattress. It doesn’t need to be close to your baby as the vibrations travel through the surface of the mattress. It may also be put down the side of the mattress if required (please note battery life is reduced if not used horizontally).

    Why are there 6 different vibration modes?

    There are a selection of speeds so you can find the one that works best on your particular mattress and soothes your baby the most effectively. Modes 1-3 are static speeds from slow to faster. The slower speeds are often the most effective as low frequency vibrations travel further though the mattress – but experiment with your mattress and baby’s response. Modes 4-6 are variable speeds which replicate the acceleration and deceleration of a car engine and the rumble of the tyres on the road. Zed times out after one hour of use, after which a single press switches it back to mode most recently used.

    Can I set the night light to stay on all night?

    Yes. The first 3 presses of the night light button, change the light levels and the light remains on for an hour. The 4th press, indicated by 2 flashes of the light, sets the light level to low and stays on for 12 hours. When the light goes off a single press recalls the most recently used mode.

    Is Zed splashproof?

    Zed has been tested to IPX4 standard so it is safe if your little one has an accident!

    Can I clean Zed?

    Yes, Zed can be cleaned with a damp cloth. Do not submerge in water.

    Does Zed generate white noise?

    Zed does not have a loudspeaker, but it does generate soothing sounds via the vibrations passing through the mattress.

    Does Zed switch off automatically?

    Yes, the vibrations always gently fade-out after one hour. The idea is to get past the 45 minute sleep cycle and into the next cycle and a deeper sleep. This should effectively extend naps, night-time sleeps and help with the transition to a cot/bed. The night light switches off after one hour (or 12-hours in all night mode. )

    What is the battery life for Zed?

    We have tested Zed for up to 50 hours on one set of batteries. We recommend using good quality alkaline batteries or NiMH rechargeables. Please avoid Zinc batteries – make sure batteries are suitable for “high drain” applications.

    The light is working but the vibrations are not working any more.

    The light runs on a single LED which only requires a tiny amount of power to work. The vibration motors require more power to start, so if the batteries are low the motors will stop first and the light will carry on working. Please try new batteries or freshly charged batteries. If this still does not work please contact us or your local distributor for help.

  3. Front view of of a pink noise soothing device called Wooshh


    What age range is Wooshh suitable for?

    Wooshh is suitable from birth upwards but should always be positioned well out of reach of the baby / child. 

    It is great for children and adults too. We deliberately designed the range of sounds to include those that were also pleasant to adults – the purring cat, ambient music, water and rain sounds in particular. There’s nothing worse than hearing the same badly looped nursery rhyme all night!

    We also invested extra to improve the sound chip to near CD quality, so that there were no harsh digital distortions in the sounds which are so common in cheaper sound machines.

    How do I select one of the 8 sounds?

    Short presses of the button allow you to scroll through the sounds until you find the one you want.

    How do I change the volume level?

    Wooshh has 4 volume levels and you can scroll through them by holding the button down (long press).

    Release the button when you are on the desired volume level. It can be best to use a constant sound like the rain sound for setting the volume, so you hear each change most clearly.

    Once set the volume level will be remembered until you next re-charge the device.

    After charging it will be set to the lowest level.

    Whenever possible we recommend using the lowest volume setting to increase battery life.

    How do I turn Wooshh off?

    A quick double-press will turn Wooshh off.

    A single press when on the final sound (ambient music) will also turn it off.

    It will automatically turn off after one hour (normal mode) or 10 hours (all night mode).

    Can I set Wooshh to stay on all night?

    Yes, you certainly can! If you use a double press to turn on Wooshh it will remain on for 10 hours. A beep sound indicates that all-night mode is selected. We recommend using the lowest volume setting on all-night mode to reduce noise exposure and increase battery life. We are aware that the cat purring sound may not last a full 10 hours, since the low frequency of the sound drains the battery faster but all other sounds should last a full 10 hours. 

    How long is the Wooshh battery life?

    Battery life depends on the sound used and the volume level. For example the water trickling sound on the lowest level will last up to 40 hours, whereas the cat purring sound, with its low frequencies, tends to last around 8-12 hours on the lowest volume. All sounds except the cat purring should last for more than 10 hours on the all-night mode.

    Recharging Wooshh takes about 90 mins from empty to a full charge. We recommend removing from charge as soon as the green light shows, to help maintain battery life.

    Does Wooshh work while charging?

    No, you must take off charge in order for it to work. This helps to maintain battery life for as long as possible and for maximum safety.

    Can I clean Wooshh?

    Yes indeed. Wooshh can be cleaned with a damp cloth. Do not submerge in water.

    Can I attach Wooshh to my baby’s cot / crib or to their clothing or bedding?

    No. The product contains small parts and should always be placed out of reach of the child. Never place product in or attach to a cot, crib or bed.