Below are a selection of our trademarks, patents and design registrations. Additionally we have pending registrations and unregistered trade marks and design rights. This page will be updated continuously as we register additional IP.

Brand name/
Type Registration
Rockit Design Registration 176798 Canada Design Patent
Rockit Design Registration 003376920-0001 EU Design Registration
Rockit Design Registration D845181 USA Design Patent
Rockit Trademark 1879106 Australian
Rockit Trademark 21004784 Chinese Trademark
Rockit Trademark 015671464 EU Trademark
Rockit Trademark 305973 Israel Trademark
Rockit Trademark 1863104 Canada Trademark
Rockit Trademark 6158102 Japan Trademark
Rockit Trademark 4015283950000 Korea Trademark
Rockit Trademark 1081472 New Zealand Trademark
Rockit Trademark 761904 Russian Trademark
Rockit Trademark 01977936 Taiwan Trademark
Rockit Trademark UK00003148555 UK Trademark
Rockit Trademark 5289937 USA Trademark Class 7
Rockit Trademark 88272320 USA Trademark Classes 9 and 11
Rockit Rocker Trademark UK00003964576 UK Registered Trademark
Rockit Rocker Trademark 018934592 EU Registered Trademark
Rockit Bracket Patent GB2612813 UK Patent Granted
Rockit Rocker Patent GB2560984 UK Patent Granted
Wooshh Design Patent D950084 USA Design
Wooshh Design Patent Filed China Design
Wooshh Design Patent 201449 Canada Design
Wooshh EU Design 008269781-0001-5 EU Design
Wooshh UK Design 90082697810001-5 UK Design
Wooshh Trademark UK00003487068 UK Trademark
Wooshh Trademark 018339019 EU Trademark
Wooshh Trademark 018339019 EU Trademark
Zed Design Registration 193878 Canadian Design Patent
Zed Design Registration Registered Chinese Design Reg
Zed Trademark 41540291 Chinese Trademark
Zed Design Registration 007422134-0001 EU Design Registration
Zed Trademark 018101731 EU Trademark
Zed Trademark UK00003378992 UK Trademark
Zed Design Registration D981362 USA Design Patent
Zed Trademark 6006717 USA Trademark
Zed Patent 1913286.9 UK Patent Granted