By Matt Dyson

I clearly remember the worries I had before and after my first baby was born and how many of those worries would have been eased by talking to dads who had already been through it. As Father’s Day approaches we wanted to start a conversation about how the birth of a child affects dads. It was lovely to chat with 4 dads about the anxieties they had before the birth and the ups and downs of parenthood. It is great that support for mums, both during pregnancy and after the birth is high on the agenda. There are some brilliant support networks and organisations that can help mums, over this life changing period, whether it be for their mental or physical health, and this is vitally important. Support for dads is harder to find, so in the run up to Father’s Day Rockit are using video content on social media to get dads talking.

As well as encouraging these conversations, we are signposting dads-to-be to The DadPad. This fantastic resource gives down to earth advice on navigating fatherhood both before and after the birth. The DadPad is a resource developed alongside the NHS (National Health Service) to support new fathers during the perinatal period. It is a small booklet that provides practical information and advice on topics such as caring for a newborn, supporting a partner through childbirth, and coping with the emotional changes that can occur during this time.

The DadPad is designed to be a quick and easy reference guide for new dads, with information presented in a simple and accessible format. It includes tips on feeding, bathing, changing, and soothing a baby, as well as advice on managing stress, getting enough sleep, and balancing work and family life. There is also a DadPad App, and every new father can download and use the DadPad app for FREE at if the NHS are using it in that area.